Peterson Finishes, LLC is a privately held company. We recently relocated from central California to the beautiful Ozark mountain area of Northwestern Arkansas. The facility is situated just 15 miles south of Branson, MO and 15 miles north of Harrison, AR.  Opening for business in 1990 Peterson Finishes, LLC became known for it's paint application and in early 1991 began a partnership with the aerospace industry painting aerospace hardware.   It quickly became apparent that industry needed a partner which possessed diverse technical skills, the ability to define and resolve problems, meet scheduling and budget constraints and communicate effectively with all management and technical levels and interfaces.  This partnership must be sufficiently flexible to meet program specific tasks which may vary customer to customer and program to program.  While equipped with these traditionally recognized tools,  Peterson Finishes, LLC understands that  the commitment to customer satisfaction is our most valuable asset.  In order to better support  these needs Peterson Finishes, LLC relocated to it's present site in 2003.

The aerospace and defense industry manufacture a product which must withstand not only the launch loads and temperature extremes of space but the hard vacuum as well.   Products manufactured on earth with one atmosphere of pressure contain inherent stresses when placed into a zero pressure environment. To alleviate this stress many designers incorporate the  use of vented expanded core in the structure.  The manual venting of both metallic and non-metallic expanded core has, up till now been 'impossible' to do, and/or to expensive, and/or not schedule efficient.  Peterson Finishes, LLC has taken on this challenge and is now venting metallic and non-metallic expanded core. The growth of Peterson Finishes, LLC in this field has led us to develop processes which allow for the rapid turn around of a quality product at a reasonable price.

Peterson Finishes, LLC has vented core used by leaders in the aerospace and defense industry.  We are familiar with and work within the strictest proprietary restrictions.  Our commitment to the industry and their program constraints have led us to receive 100% quality and schedule history recognition. Peterson Finishes, LLC works within customer's schedule constraints and their program specific venting requirements.

If you have questions concerning the venting of metallic or non-metallic expanded core or are interested in more information about Peterson Finishes, LLC consulting services, please e-mail us at